Industrial Design

Enthusiastic commercial adoption of UAVs continues worldwide, and further projected high rates of growth in the commercial UAV space underscores the value that UAVs are providing to businesses.Businesses are using UAVs across a wide range of industries, from Agriculture and Construction to Surveying/Mapping and Real Estate. Much publicity has been generated by Amazon’s “drone delivery service” which, although in its infancy, signals a major new market for UAV-based services.

However there are many reasons to be skeptical about how broad the expansion of UAV-based solutions in these industries can be. There are major hurdles and logistical challenges to realizing such a vision. Aviation regulators are still unclear on rules to ensure safety as the industry grows, and there are severe restrictions on where flights are permitted and how they must be monitored. There are also technical limitations of current UAV technology which, until overcome, prohibit expansion of many commercial applications.

Samurai UAS is a revolutionary new custom purpose designed and built unmanned aerial system, the world’s first long-endurance hydrogen-powered UAS, currently in development by DERYL Research in partnership with Wirth Research and HES Energy Systems, among the world’s leading companies in their respective fields.

Wirth Research are leaders in research, development, design and manufacture for high technology sectors including the motor racing industry.

H3 Dynamics Holdings based in Singapore are the world’s leading experts in deploying hydrogen fuel-cell technology to the UAS sector.

Samurai UAS overcomes a number of the existing limitations, both technical and regulatory, enabling broader growth of industries in otherwise unattainable ways.

The main current focus of our work is enabling the Samurai UAS to undertake large-scale 3D Terrain Mapping.